Portfolio Entry #2

Recently, In History we are currently learning about the Middle Ages, the clergy, rank of their society, and the medieval kings. Apparently the Pope would almost have the same power as a king back in that time, and the church was very powerful because of their wealth and land ownership. My group did a Google Doc drive RAFT assignment that includes us posing as the Pope talking to other important members for future goals that need to be accomplished. The RAFT assignment was made in a form of a letter to present to other kings. Letters being delivered in that time would’ve taken months, which is pretty amazing on how far we’ve come in technology advancements.

Pope Raft Assignment <<click here>>


Portfolio Entry

In Spanish, around the holidays I was learning about Christmas in Spanish speaking countries. I’ve learned about how they cook different foods, what they do when they spend time with their family, and even some traditions. One includes (Spain) a major lottery, for a chance to win millions of dollars! It’s pretty amazing to know that many people celebrate the holidays in many fun ways. ‘Quema del muñeco’ is the burning of a Piñata which was my favorite to learn about.

Buhos Navidad Project <<click here>>

Html & Css

Over the past few weeks I’ve learned about the basics of Html that includes using italics and bold format on a webpage. I’ve also learned how to make headers and the body of the page, and to always close the marks with /. Making poems using the break points <br> and </br>. So far this was an introduction to making a web page that includes some basic and most important features.

*Khan Academy Html Link*

Over the last week of learning the things that Khan Academy has to offer, I’ve then learned about CSS. Which I’ve learned how to insert pictures and other useful resources like changing the font color that could definitely make a webpage stand out in my upcoming future. Also resizing and shape of the pictures were also taught in this separate lesson that was very important to me.


Key Events Assignment

This project we all learned a few things. We all learned about the beginning of computer technology , and also how to use and create a google site. Very exciting for the future when back then this is how technology came into place. Without technology everyone would be lost practically and contact couldn’t be direct. Life would be a lot harder without it. My group chose Clossus designed by Tommy Flowers. This what we worked on down below.



Assignment #8-Google Survey

There were many results of my survey. I currently have 12 responses on my survey at the moment. It was about movies and people opinions about them. A lot of people chose Comedy as their favorite type of movie that they enjoy. The majority of people also enjoy movie series with only one person saying it depends. Seems like everyone uses Netflix and some other resources than DVD. I also learned that people are half in half over movies and TV shows on which they prefer.

Movie Surveys


Assignment Citations Review

Today and last class everyone worked on citations and trying to cite them. For citing a website there is a box to fill about the website article’s information. Using citations are important because it gives the proper credit to the original publishers who made something that can be easily shared to the public.




Dream room Assignment

Today I’ve worked on Google Spreadsheets, I used the websites http://www.target.com/ and the website http://www.ikea.com/us/en/ . I have learned how to use certain functions like finding out the average, and multiply correctly on a spread sheet using the equals sign  by the column i’m using for the total of the price. My room I chose was a bedroom because it would’ve been easier to find furniture for it in my opinion than a bathroom or kitchen etc.

Here is my Google Spreadsheet :

Taylor’s Dream Room Google Spreadsheet


Portfolio Entry

Currently I’ve finished a project slide for History all about the Muslim Empire throughout the years. Also those slides include the topics of Sunni/Shi’a, Muhammad, four caliphs, Abassids, and Umayyads.This took about a few days for me to finish, but i passed the project in a day earlier. Kind of hard because this was a solo project with over 20 slides. I only used a book and some sites listed in the main slide. I did’t really learn much becuase everything was a review for the bencmark for me at least. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1EscBP6UBKaNortV5O3JGZIqP9Z4E3p3-1mNCOzMznak/edit#slide=id.p

Assignment 4# – Cell Usage

Im here talk about how cellphones if whether or not they should be allowed in schools. There are many pros and cons on the usage of cellphones.


If there is an emergency easy contact can be reached they can immediately call their parents. Also easier to look up information without going to a computer lab etc. Can provide a better learning experience for students as well.You can be in touch with your kids and know where they are. Phones can be shut off or silenced anytime necessary.


When the students forget to switch off or keep their phones on silent in the class, the ring of the text-message alerts can disturb the whole class. Some students use their cell phones for cheating during exam , tests, and other important documents.  41% Students say that storing notes on a cell phone to access during a test is cheating an a “serious offense.” And almost 1 in 4 (23%) don’t think it’s  no where near cheating.

Cites :

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“Should Cell Phones Be Allowed in School?” : Schargel Consulting Group. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Oct. 2016.\


Assignment 4a – Debate

Assignment #4~Spirit wear

Assignment #4 – Cell Phone Use